Big picture show permanent display
Imperial War Museum North
Written by Kate Scott
Narrated by Wendy Wason and Joe Thomas
A Soup Co. Production
Art Direction and Motion Design: Virginia Gilles
Hand-drawn Character Animation: Sophie Ann Michiko Ogden
Sound Design – Morgan Wetherill
Session Flautist: Ella Sutton
Software Development and Previz: Alasdair Swenson
DP/Lead Editor: Bryn Rogers
Camera Assistant: Otto Landsberg
Runner: Nadezhda Moshkina
Assistant Animator: May Thomas
Additional Edit: Megan Laurel White
Producer/Director: Mark Thomas
Producer: Jackie Thompson
We created the short film 'Animals and War', showing wartime animal heroes from Duffy the donkey, Rip the dog and K-Dog the dolphin.

  Combining animations and live-action, we worked on 20 screens, projecting to a 360-degree cinematic Big Picture Show. The main exhibition space has 27-foot-high walls and surround sound.